Monday, January 11, 2010

Starting it off with a fun one

One of the things that I want to check off my list is to have a pet koala bear that can understand the English language. That way I can tell it to go to the kitchen and get me some chips and a drink. I’ve already thought of a name for him and it is Peanut Butter. Honestly I have no idea why I wanted to call him that but I just thought it would suit him better if I call it that. Even when I go to places I would put him on my shoulder and have him just chill there or most likely he would sleep there. I’ve always pictured me going to a party and having Peanut Butter on my shoulder carrying a six pack of…. Soda ready to get his party on with me. The reason why I picked a koala was because you might see someone carrying a pet monkey or snake around but a freaking koala bear. No one has a koala bear chillin on their back. Heck you don’t even see that on in the movies. Now I am an active person, I go out and play basketball and lift weights and stuff but one of my favorite things to do is sit around and be lazy. Like sitting on the couch and playing video games all day is the best thing to do. But there are not very many people that like to do that, a koala bear on the other hand are naturally lazy and they like to sit around and eat, sleep and play video games. So it would be perfect for me to have a koala bear as my buddy that goes everywhere and does everything I do too. If you got to choose to have an animal as a pet what would it be? Would you get a horse like the movie animal house or would you get a tiger like the movie grandma’s boy?